[Translation] of the main page editorial on Naver about Jay.

Jay is like that guy you meet the first time at company dinner every other week which every girl thinks he's cute, but the guys don't hate him for it.he gives off that kind of image. maybe it's because of his skit "Hongdae Outlaws" in which he takes his too nerdy senior friends to go clubbing with him. his cute personality makes him well liked amongst his seniors.

I listened to his new songs joah and welcome, they were good. just like all his previous songs . I liked them. How can he come out so fresh everytime.
When I listen to Jay Park's songs, it's like looking back at myself and how I was before. Maybe it's because his songs are always about the first time.
The first time he gazed at her, or the first time he had her in bed.
(he goes on to give examples of lines of lyrics from his previos songs and how they don't sound foreceful, but instead honest and forthright.)

When you think about it, he really writes lyrics well. not just because he wrote 19+ lyrics.I think the way he approaches the korean language is a bit different? being honest in your lyrics is always good, but it's the poetic expression that really leaves an impression in the end. lyrics like "from head to toe" might sound cliché but if you have the vocal ability to make it sound good it leaves no problems. like the thin wings of an insect, vocal's that never break and are very flexible. these are exclusive to Jay Park.

Before you know it, Jay Park has the image of 19+ following him everywhere.
which goes hand in hand as he shakes off the Idol image from where he came from. I like the approach he's taking. Let's say it makes me want to cheer him on? it's better than pretending to be this or that, only to end up with a kind image. Jay Park is far and away from all these boring concepts you get tired of seeing these days. SNL is one thing that builds up and proves that. I see myself smiling happily when he's holding toilet paper with his pants down.

I watched one of his past programs when someone asked him a question about the lyrics of his song "Turn off Your phone" saying if he knew his song would get banned because of Sexually explicit lyrics. he answered "ofcourse I wrote the lyrics with that in mind", when asked if he could have worded the lyrics differently he answered "No I wrote the lyrics like that because I wanted it to be sexually explicit". Wow, I felt really good hearing that. but at the same time concerned of criticism he'll face. But as a person who makes music, as an artist, that also is just part of the landscape.

So like this, while i'm writing a letter to Jay Park. I'm having fun listening to JOAH and Welcome. I'm having fun watching him on SNL every Saturday Night.
While i'm having fun like this, I don't know what odds Jay is fighting against. I pray for your succes.

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