Eng Tran for CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR LIVE IN BANGKOK interview credit Pingbook

(I just choose some questions that I like and sorry if I mistranslated something, if you spot any mistake just tell me ok? sometime I can be confuse XDD)

MC: You don’t come to Thailand in this past 1 year, while you staying here what you guys want to do the most?
Yong: Want to enjoy concert the most because Thai fans always the same every time we meet each other, still cheer us, hope that everyone will still cheer us in the concert like always

MC: While use “Blue moon” as concert title
Min: Because Blue moon is something that significant, like everyone know Blue moon is something that happen twice a year, it means that we will reborn again

MC: This year other than “Re:Blue” will there be new album or single release in Korea?
Yong: Right now there still no plan for new album because still busy for preparing concert and drama but starting to compose songs for new album

MC: How do you feel about your Japanses single “Blind Love” and “With your eyes” composed by JH and “Greedy Man”by YH get to top chart in Japan even before release? (Not sure that I translated accurate enough or not)
Jong: Thank you everyone for loving our songs, right now also start to compose the song but it not release yet, hope that fans will like and support it when it release

MC: Have concerts in lots of countries, songs also get to top chart, the sale also high, do you think that you are already reach the highest level of successful?
Yong: I don’t think that it’s the highest our goal is still far away, other people might think that we have the high sale record but I still want every to continue supporting us. World tour is another step for us to get higher to reach our goal

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