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3rd May 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] TVXQ Changmin Fly With The Gold Interview with MTV Taiwanb
About appearing on a Japanese film for the first time…
“I did not have confidence in myself, as I was surrounded by words and environment that I was not used to. Japanese was not my first language so whenever I would have to answer someone, according to the script, I would have to translate the line to my own language before I actually react to it. Because of this, my timing was too slow and I was scolded by the director from time to time.”
Changmin reflected the toughness of Director Izutsu, “There was a part-time job scene at the Tofu store. My character was a bombing expert so I was supposed to be skilled with hands, but instead because of the cold water and freezing air, my hands were shaking, which caused the tofu to break so many times. I had unexpected amount of NGs and the director got really mad at me.” There was a time when the director instructed to do something and Changmin cried at the spot, since he couldn’t do what he was told to do.

Regarding Changmin disguising himself as a woman…
“I was given three days to film this scene. I was hoping for the script to be fixed but the director insisted on going on (the scene was one of the key parts in the novel, since it gave a feeling of him being chased frantically to make him feel that there was no way out. Changmin’s character always escaped with the skin of his teeth and he had to even disguise as a woman in order to run away.) so it took me three days to put myself together and be ready to film the scene.”
Once he made up his mind, Changmin changed his perspective and began to think that he should get the best out of it. He even discussed which makeup and hairstyle looked best on him with the stylist. When his fashion was chosen, he went around, asking how he looked. Tsumabuki, who was his co-star, was surprised at Changmin’s purely looked face and style and couldn’t resist but say, “Cute”.

Info from: @hellomomo_tw

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