Close 36 Transactions!!
Monday we're starting the "Lead Generation 36:12:3" series right in our office. They will be taught by myself and your ALC members: Quincy Virgilio, Rod Hibner and Lisa Paz-Furtado.
Sessions are 9-11am Monday and Thursday for 6 weeks - however this coming week Monday and Wednesday because Thursday is Red Day.
This is a powerful series beyond the basics on mastering lead generation so that you can have a high level real estate business.
Email me back that you can make Monday's session at 9am that I'll be leading.

Materials, videos, and more:

This comprehensive session course begins with The Power of One, a precise focus on what matters most for your business – lead generation. Learn to close at least 36 transactions in 12 months by developing and maintaining a habit of 3 hours a day of lead generation.
Build on the principles and practices of KWU's foundational course, Ignite, and hone your strategies for prospecting, marketing and leveraging your contact database. Explore tactics for lead generation with your Met database, your farm, open houses, FSBOs, expired listings and agent-to-agent referrals, and learn how to convert your leads into appointments, and then to closed deals. Establish goals and develop a business plan that maximizes your new skills and habits.

· Learn the importance of focusing on lead generation.
· Build your validity and positioning to ensure success with customers.
· Learn essential strategies to help you prospect and market for leads.
· Learn to leverage a contact database.
· Adopt techniques for turning buyer and seller leads into appointments.
· Set goals and develop a business plan.

· All agents wishing to refresh or advance their lead generation skills.

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