[TRANS HighCut Interview] Which SM artist does Sooyoung think will make the best _______?

- Politician: "BoA. When I watch her think, whether it's the nation's work or anything else, I think she'd be good at it."

- Cook: "Kyuhyun? I just thought how he'd look good in an apron. ㅋㅋ He likes wine. The image of him with wine and pasta pops up."

- Drama writer: "Jonghyun? He writes song lyrics well. He seems like he'd write conversations with a lot of sense."

- Car racer: "Siwon? I've riden in a car with Siwon once and he drove really well. He's tall so I think being a car racer would fit him well too."

- Baseball pitcher: "Minho? He's good at any sports."

- Fashion designer: "Tiffany? She looks bright things, so I think she'll become a dress designer. Even though it'll all be just pink."

- Fund manager: "Sunny. She has a sense of economy."

- Dean of students: "Kangta? Because he's already a sunbaenim, ㅎㅎ I think he'd be a handsome teacher, like a sculpture."

- Secret agent: "Yeonhee. She's actually good at exercising, she has no ulterior motives so she'd be good at keeping secrets. Because she's pretty, people would be less suspicious too."

- CNN jouranlist: "Seohyun! She's good at language too~"

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