[TRANS HighCut Interview] Which SM artist does Seohyun think will make the best _______?

- Politician: "Siwon. He is rising as the most promising politician in the SM family. It's a title he got because he is gentle and looks good in a suit."

- Cook: "Changmin. His personality is family-oriented and I think he also enjoys cooking. I saw that he had soybean stew in his profile picture and I think he cooks it a lot better than I do."

- Drama writer: "Sooyoung. Every hour she's imaginging a lot of fun things, and she's always sympathizing with us. She also reads a lot so I think she'd be good at it."

- Car racer: "Boa? When she's on stage she has so much charisma and is so cool, but she usually has a lot of aegyo and because she always knows what she's doing and she's sure of herself."

- Baseball pitcher: "Hyoyeon. Her father was a pitcher. ㅋㅋ Other than that, she's always competitive no matter what and is athletic so I think she'd do well."

- Fashion designer: "SHINee's Key. He's always had an interest in fashion and he's really good at expression himself through clothes. It was so hard picking a birthday present for him."

- Fund manager: "Tiffany. She's very housewife-y. She deligently keeps an accounting book and calculates precisely. I have to learn from her."

- Dean of students: "Yunho. He has leadership. He's really fun when he's fun, but he also gives a lot of good advice to his hoobaes."

- Secret agent: "SHINee's Minho. As a close friend, I rant to him, but he's very trustworthy so he doesn't tell anyone."

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