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25th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Popular girl group Girls' Generation will be going on a world tour.

Starting this upcoming June, Girls' Generation is planning on going on a world tour, '2013 Girls' Generation's World Tour-Girls & Peace', starting in Seoul, going around Asia, as well as the entire world. The hot response from fans in Korea as well as other countries who have waited for Girls' Generations' performances is being anticipated.

The Seoul concerts, which will start the world tour, will take place at the Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park on June 8th and 9th. It is expected that Girls' Generation will show off a high quality concert, showing their own, different performances and diverse charms, captivating fans.

As this solo concert will be the first one in 2 years following the July 2011 '2011 Girls' Generation Tour', and will be their first world tour, an explosive response is expected.

The Seoul concert tickets will go on sale online, starting on May 9th at 8pm, though G-Market. As Girls' Generation is a group that has much ticket power, it's predicted the booking will be fierce.

Meanwhile, for the Seoul concert, an overseas fan tour is in the plans, and the overseas fan tour package can be purchased through S.M.C&C's site. It will be available for purchaase by fans all around the world, and it is expected that overseas fans' attentions will be centered [on this concert as well].

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