That said and done, this is what I think about this song:

Just trying to outplay our normal tendency to consider it as yet another Raja melody. This one calms me every time. Don't know if that's just the man's melancholic, thoughtful voice as always or the overall song's underplay. Coming to think of it, this song is not really sad or cheerful as a 'whole'. It is so like our lives - going up and down in spirits, sometimes neither, just blank.

While the prelude suggests something positive, the pallavi brings us down to reality with the tabla and synthpad(?)/bongo 'completing' a rhythm pattern. Both the interludes are beautifully descriptive of some happier moments of the past/present.

There is a surprise for us though in both charanams. Only tabla owns the rhythm pattern over the charanams possibly indicating sadness, if I could say. When the charanams come to end, we get to see the pallavis promptly taken over by both tabla and congo. Now what does it say? - #WhyRajaIsGod

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