[TRANS] http://twitpic.com/cl5m9k http://twitpic.com/cl5m3b Conversation of Park on Line and the lucky netizen on DC Gallery.

Park: Has everyone been to the cherry blossom festival?

Netizen: T^T T^T It's mid term during the end cherry blossom festival... Kim Park Kim... T^T T^T

Park: Please work hard for your mid-term.

Netizen: Although there is a monthly salary thief, but I'm working very hard.

Park: Monthly salary thief~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What!!!!

Netizen: I can't shower because of Line. T^T T^T

Park: Quick, please shower~ Is now the time to shower?

Netizen: Our messages are shown on Line too? I'm going crazy.

Netizen: So Kim Park Kim can actually see my Line messages.

Park: No. I can't see.

Netizen: What have Kim Park Kim eaten for lunch?

Park: I'm Park. (ROFL!! He sounds like he's on a mission or something. Like I'm Bond. James Bond. XDDD)

Park: Anyway, it would be great if I have made everyone a bit excited with my LINE. Have a good day. Although all of you are witty, be more healthy~^^I had lots of fun too~The taste of the coffee became tastier~Because of everyone^^Okay bye~ (This part of trans is an excerpt from http://www.twitlonger.com/show/lki8am )

Picture credit: @11S28
Translated by: @PuppyAndCream

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