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22nd Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

[2PM's comments after Tokyo dome concert][We are thankful to the KPOP stars Tohoshinki and JYJ, who have created the path]

2PM expressed their gratitude to their seniors, who have led the Hanryu-wave.
2PM held their solo concert "LEGEND OF 2PM" on Apr 21, 16:30 at Tokyo Dome.
During the interview before the concert, 2PM has made their comments as follows.


At the very last, Jun. K said "We were able to hold the Tokyo Dome concert since the KPOP stars as Tohoshinki and JYJ have been active in Japan before we came here, and have created the path for us. Thanks to the great success of the seniors, we were able to hold activities easily in Japan, thus, we are able to hold the Tokyo Dome concert today. We want to share the glorious page together with our seniors. I really wanted to say this word."

credits: Hanryu MPOST

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