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19th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger


Over the last few days, I’ve had several fans ask me to verify certain statements that have been tweeted by Keya Morgan, who is (according to his official website ) a scholar, historian, producer, writer, director, and entrepreneur. He also knew Michael Jackson, and has tweeted about the friendship that they shared (although I don’t know how close he really was to him.) Here is more information on his background from CNN:

I don’t follow Keya, but I’m aware of him from reading his tweets that have been retweeted by MJ fans. I have never doubted his friendship with MJ, or his intense desire to see MJ’s name cleared in the court of public opinion, but I have noticed for a long time now that he occasionally makes false statements about the facts concerning MJ’s complete innocence. I always just assumed that, despite his good intentions, he wasn’t very knowledgeable about the allegations, and made those false statements out of confusion or mistakenness.

However, several days ago, he made some statements that were just so outrageously false that I decided that I had to respectfully rebut him in a twitlonger, in order to get the truth out there and stop his falsehoods in their tracks. Several fans asked me to confirm if the following statements are true, and unfortunately they are not.

The first tweets that caught my attention is this one from April 11th:

“Only 2 cases against Michael Jackson ever. In the 1st case, the boy admitted to Oprah MJ was innocent & sued his father for being abusive”

“2nd case against MJ, Janet Arvizo, the mother who accused MJ was arrested for lying under oath after the MJ case. A proven lair.”

“Police mugshot of Janet Arvizo who accused Michael Jackson in the 2nd case. She was arrested for lying under oath!”

Well, there were 3 cases against Michael Jackson, not 2 (he forgot about Jason Francia ), but that is not what jumped out at me.
It’s his statement that Jordan Chandler “admitted” to Oprah that MJ was innocent and sued his father. Both of those assertions are false; Jordan Chandler has never PUBLICLY admitted to Oprah or any other media personality that MJ was innocent. (According to Mesereau, he has only confided to close friends within his inner circle that MJ was innocent, and some of them were prepared to testify against Jordan Chandler if he had testified against MJ in 2005.)

Keya's false statement is similar to the myth that originally started in the days after MJ’s death, when a website published a story that Jordan was so devastated over MJ’s death that he admitted that he lied. That story was quickly debunked, but not before grieving fans began using it as “proof” that MJ innocent. You can read more about this hoax here:

Also, Jordan Chandler didn’t sue Evan Chandler for anything; in August 2005, Evan Chandler physically attacked Jordan after an argument, and as a result Jordan filed a PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER against Evan, not a LAWSUIT!

According to court documents, Evan hit Jordan from behind with a 12.5 pound plate, maced him in the eyes, and then choked him! I’ll give Keya the benefit of the doubt here, and chalk this up to confusion on his part. A lot of fans make this mistake (such as this one ), so it’s nothing new. You can read more about Evan’s attack on Jordan here; this link also contains the ACTUAL legal documents from Jordan’s court proceedings against Evan:

Janet Arvizo was indeed a proven liar who was exposed for the fraud that she is by Mesereau’s excellent cross examination, but she absolutely was NOT arrested for lying under oath after MJ was acquitted! Where on earth did Keya get that info from? In 2006, Janet pleaded “no contest” to welfare fraud, NOT LYING AGAINST MICHAEL JACKSON, and you can see MJ fan B.J. Hickman’s commentary on her trial in this video:

She was ordered to pay restitution to the government for the money that she swindled, and sentenced to community service, which she completed in 2007:

There’s no way in hell that Sneddon would have prosecuted ANYONE for lying against Michael Jackson, because he enabled their lies and used anyone he could to bring his bogus case against Jackson. If you read this summary of his legal pleadings regarding his desire to keep Janet’s mental health records and JC Penney lawsuit details OUT of the 2005 trial, you’ll see just how much he vouched for Janet’s “credibility”, despite his knowledge of her fraudulent past!

Next, Keya tweeted the following:

“I saw it on Oprah myself like 8 or 9 years ago. He was not on himself, she was telling everyone that she spoke with him”

“8 or 9 years ago I saw Oprah on TV say that Jordy Chandler told her that he was still friends with Michael Jackson & he had sued his father”

These are the outrageously false tweets that made me fall out of my chair when I first read it! Let me be clear about one thing: I am NOT questioning Keya’s character or integrity, and I’m NOT saying that he deliberately lied, but what I am saying is that Jordan Chandler absolutely, positively, did NOT talk to Oprah or any other media figure about MJ’s innocence!

What makes Keya’s claim so horrendously false is that he claims that he “saw it” on Oprah “8 or 9 years ago”, which would have been around 2004 or 2005. The only time Oprah spoke at length about MJ during that time period was when Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley were mocking and bashing MJ during the trial (I believe the episode aired in March 2005.)

Also, Michael Jackson never spoke to Jordan or his family ever again after the 1993 scandal. I just couldn’t believe the number of fans who believed these statements hook, line, and sinker! These tweets were retweeted multiple times, and praised by some fans.

If Jordan Chandler was still “friends” with MJ after the scandal, don’t you think that he would have cleared his name in the 90’s, after he filed for legal emancipation from his parents? Don’t you think he would have fought tooth and nail to testify for the defense in MJ’s trial in 2005, instead of threatening to sue the prosecution if they subpoenaed him? Read page 4 of the FBI files:

The fact of the matter is this: Keya Morgan did not “see” ANYTHING about Jordan Chandler on Oprah’s show! I just have to assume that, in his intense desire to defend MJ, he let his imagination run wild, and didn’t stop and think about the inaccuracy of his statement. Once again, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, and I’m NOT attacking his character.

Finally, when challenged by a fan who said that Jordan never spoke to Oprah, and when asked if he could provide a link to Oprah’s statement from “8 or 9 years ago” that Jordan Chandler told her that he was still “friends” with MJ, Keya tweeted the following:

“Nonsense! It would only be a violation of settlement agreement if he spoke of the case, which he did not do. There is no link to send u, I already said I saw it on TV. 99% of stuff is not online”

When he first stated that he “saw” Oprah talking about Jordan Chandler, I thought that maybe it was a simple mistake, but in that tweet, he got very defensive and doubled down on his original statement, and that disturbed me because it seemed to me that he resented being asked to provide proof of his claims. For him to call that’s fan’s tweet “Nonsense!” was very condescending, in my opinion.

Once again, let me reiterate that my goal in writing this twitlonger was to dispel the false statements that were disseminated by Keya Morgan, and NOT to attack or embarrass him. I can’t in good conscious let those false statements go unchallenged. Defending Michael Jackson requires refuting falsehoods that are spread by both MJ haters AND, unfortunately, fans.

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