While the stories of Todd are a mystery in the dark murky Asylum, the lurking figure that guards him had a gruesome past. Once there was a man who loved to cook the finest meats in his district. One day he met a young boy whose arm was deformed and twisted in the shape of a blade. The Butcher was not disgusted and quickly became friends with the boy by bringing him the finest meats that he could offer, but one day the boy was captured due to the crimes of murdering a group of people who went into the forest that day. The Butcher went and testified to the boy's defense, but was ridiculed and banished from society. His wife and child left him for a man that had more wealth than the butcher and enjoyed their new life. Upon hearing the news of his wife's wedding, the Butcher flew into a rage grabbing his large meat axe and brutally slaughtered all who were at the wedding including his former family. The Butcher's punishment was to have nails driven into his head and to be locked into the confines of the Asylum not knowing that the Butcher made a new friend in his new home.

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