For the Worldwide Religious Self-perception pie chart on my Twitter site and ratio calculations, the #s of ‘convinced’ atheists (2012), non-religious, & worldwide evangelicals (in 2010) were calculated from data from a 2012 WIN Gallup International poll, and 7 billion population reached in 2012 , and a 2010 Pew Global Christianity Report ( I separated the 59% of those in the world who considered themselves religions into evangelicals, other religious Christian and other religious. I did this using the worldwide estimate for Christians at 31.7% from the Pew report and backed out the estimated 16% of all "Christians” estimated in the WIN Gallup International poll to be "not religious” after subtracting a worldwide estimate of 4.1% evangelicals, worldwide (from Pew report). I did not subtract that 16% from the number of evangelicals. The number of U.S. evangelicals was based on a U.S. population of 314,395,013 in 2012 ( )and an estimate of 43% of the U.S. population from a 2005 Gallup poll (

Let @EvoCreatn know if you do the math yourself and see that I miscalculated anything.

Note that the number of U.S. evangelicals, at 43%, is close to the 46% of those adopting a YEC position in the U.S. remaining fairly constant since 1982.

See Pie Chart =

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