Police of Maungdaw #Arakan forced #Rohingya lady to confess her carelessness for burning houses
As I tweeted before 3 #Rohingya houses from Dushira Dan (Kila Daung) were burnt down by Rakhine , some people said there was only one house, in reality , there were 3 houses closed each other,those houses were belong to Mryam+ Dil Muhammad+Guramia; yesterday, police came and set fire trashes , brought #Rohingya lady Maryam, 55 yrs old, asked her to point her finger to the fire, and forced her to say that houses burnt because of her carelessness. Police took picture that entire event and put her in police custody. This is the same method of #Myanmar authority which has been being used since May 2012.
They burnt our houses, killed our people, looted our properties and wrote in all Media that #Bangali terrorists entered from Bangladesh to set fire with a big picture.

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