Dream Tea Official Statement: "To the fans, we're terribly sorry to make you worry from the turn of events related to Hyeri. For our company we were not aware of their meeting, again we're truthfully sorry.

After contacting Hyeri, from being acquaintances from broadcasting programs. This March within the early stages of Girl's Day's 1st album comeback she received contact from him, from his thoughtfulness and kindness during several meetings that they seriously talked about each other.

At this point, we know that they're giving each other words of comfort and advice to each other. For Hyeri currently from all the articles and the excessive attention she's shocked and under a lot of mental stress.

From all the speculations and unconfirmed statements that arose, we would like to earnestly apologize for causing worry to the fans again." https://twitter.com/Girls_Day/status/324007599764803584/photo/1 Translated by @Leade_Kimmo

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