Rev · @Revontheus

15th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

The stench of rotting flesh conjured by the walls of the menacing aslyum filled the foggy night. Legends fortold of a wandering child-like figure, walked the wet, cold concrete floors of the abandoned aslyum. The childlike figure was known to many as 'Jono' and he was always seen carrying a teddy which many would fear due to the distorted forms it would take. Stories would go on about his beginning- he was a child that was never loved, he was insane to the point he killed his parents, he lost his way home, his mother abandoned him... but never did anyone know about the full story of his coming, his creation or what he truly is. However, there is one thing known for sure, he is neither dead nor alive, young or old...but is in an eternal slumber of nightmares. Beware Oversoul that death is about when whispers of the name 'Todd' lurks without a doubt.

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