RT After much thought and deliberation, I've decided to leave UNiTE Gaming and join Complexity. When I reviewed all possible scenarios, situations, and opportunities it became clear to me that Complexity, in the short and long term, have more to offer me than UNiTE (in more than one sense.) My teammates on Unite are some of the best I've teamed with, and this decision comes with a heavy heart and I honestly think my Unite team is better than the team Complexity was (with Tuquick) but this decision has nothing to do with skill or talent. It has to do with priorities and opportunities. With my Unite guys being underage, that squanders any opportunity we have to compete at the highest level in any major tournament. I want to be as fully prepared as possible for the Championships a year from now, and thats what this team change is about, stability, preparedness, and experience. I've never been known to "sketch" and I hope that I can maintain my air of openness and legitimacy, and I also hope people can see things from my perspective, because this wasn't an easy choice to make. Much love. <3

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