5 #Rohingya were arrested in Mrauk U and accused as terrorists
5 #Rohingya from Paungduk(Fudur Kul) of Mrauk U, #Arakan went to collect wood for cooking and find some vegetables or leafs to eat nearby Rakhine village, yesterday. They were arrested by Rakhine police and tortured to claim that they came Rakhine village to set fire. Their names are as follows:
1. Sabir 40 yrs old,son of Siddik
2. Shwe Maung 18 yrs old, son of Malik
3. Aung Chay 22 yrs old, son of Shamshu
4. Abdul Karim 30 yrs old, son of Ali Husein
5. Muhammad Yunus 26 yrs old, son of Yusuf

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