[TRANS] @bornfreeonekiss: I came back to Korea in happy mood. It's OK that the photo journalists at the airport did their best in taking picture. However, when the grandmothers, grandfathers who was passing by fell down, shouldn't you help them to stand up and apologize? Don't just get into the car and check if the photos come out well. Can't you come and try to check whether it was your grandmother? (T/N: he is questioning the photo journalist, what would they do if it was their grandmother)

기분좋게 한국왔는데 공항에서 사진기자인마냥 열심사진찍는것까진좋은데 지나가는 할머니,할아버지가 쓰러졌으면 일으켜드리던가,사과는해야하는거아니니?
차타고나서 사진잘나왔나 확인말고,가서 너희 할머니는 아니였는지 확인해볼수없니?

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