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14th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

Brad K comments post-race: "I have one good thing to say and that's my team and effort they put in today and fighting back with the absolute bulls--t that's been the last seven days in this garage area, the things I've seen one the last seven days have me questioning everything that I believe in and I'm not happy about it. I don't have anything positive to say and I probably should just leave it at that"
"There's so much stuff going on you have no f-ing idea what's going on. And that's not your fault and that's not a slam on you. I could tell you there's nobody, no team in this garage with the integrity of the 2 team. And the way we've been treated over the last 7 days in absolutely shameful.
I feel like we've been targeted over the last 7 days more than I've ever seen a team targeted. But my guys they keep their heads on straight and they showcased why they are a winning team and championship team and um we're not going to take it, we're not going to be treated this way.
I'm very worried about losing my crew chief, Paul Wolfe, but I tell you I've got one of best owners in the garage and I'm going to be first one at his desk telling him if anything happens like that we'll both be in a meeting with anybody and everybody who'll listen.
There's been so much stuff going on I cold make a list 2 pages long, but ya go ahead throw that one on there., I'm out.

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