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10th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

My Gran Alternativa Block A predictions:

Atlantis/Hombre Bala Jr.: Not much of a chance. CMLL seems perfectly fine keeping Bala/Halcon as a team in segundas/terceras. I don't see Bala winning this and moving up without his partner. He seems to be doing good where he is.

Ultimo Guerrero/Guerrero Negro Jr.: No Taurus??? Swerve! Guerrero Negro Jr. surprised everyone lasting to the final 2 in the Sangre Nueva but I can't see the same happening here. He's got the best partner but I have a feeling they'll go down in the first or second round, possibly to Atlantis' team.

La Mascara/Stigma: One of my favorites to win. This team has all the political power behind them. Stigma hasn't really impressed me much in his CMLL run but he has tons of potential. If Bobby Zavala is the favorite to win this entire tournament you have to think his natural rival Stigma would be a good opponent in the final.

Volador Jr./Disturbio: Should be a fun team and may end up as the final opponents for La Mascara/Stigma. If the plan isn't to have Zavala win then this is also a good team to send to the finals.

Maximo/Robin: Round one losers to someone. A team that makes sense but isn't going to do any damage. Robin is where he should be.

Averno/Taurus: What a weird combo. Averno always loses these days so be prepared to chalk up another in the loss column. Would be fine first round losers to La Mascara/Stigma or can piss us all off by beating Dorada's team early on.

Mascara Dorada/Oro Jr.: Underdogs to win it all but the more I think about it the more I feel it's just a dream of ours since we love Dorada & are growing to really like the newest generation Oro. Only way these guys win is if we see a first round upset of La Mascara/Stigma.

Mephisto/Akuma: Akuma is in Robin territory - he is exactly where he should be. He's no threat to win this. This looks like a good team to lose in the first round to Dorada's team.

If I was betting my money would be on La Mascara/Stigma moving on to face Bobby Zavala and whoever his partner will be in Block B.

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