[Trans] JYJ fans sent rice wreaths to Tokyo Dome to show support

Multinational fans of group JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu attracted attention because of rice wreaths donation.

Fans from Japan and Malaysia have sent 100kg and 20kg of rice wreaths as support for JYJ's 3-day concert (The Return of The JYJ) held at Tokyo Dome.

According to Dreame, JYJ fans sent 8.48 tons of rice for JYJ showcase in Seoul last October 2010, 2.19 tons of rice for JYJ worldwide concert last November 2010, 2.18 tons of rice for JYJ fanmeeting last March 2011, 1.78 tons of rice for JYJ concert in Busan and Gwangju last June 2011, including solo activities such as dramas, concerts, musical performances, a total of 80 tons of rice have been constantly donated by fans as a sign of support.

Netizens warmly responded, "JYJ fans' donation of rice wreaths are great!", "JYJ fans lead the way in doing good work as support."

Source: http://www.wowtv.co.kr/newscenter/news/view.asp?bcode=T30001000&artid=A201304090296

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