[TRANS] 130408 D.O’s fanboard replies compilation:
-D.O.: Hello everyone. I am EXO-K's D.O. It's been a year~ Time flies really fast doesn't it? (cr: @xiches)
-D.O.: I'm not 168.... I'm over 170! Who are you... Get over here! (cr: @xiches)
-D.O.: Please just wait a little while more! There's not much left! (talking about comeback) (cr: @xiches)
-Fan: Chanyeol look here or your next 3 generations will bald... D.O.: I'm helping him to look, he can't lose hair! (cr: @xiches)
-Fan: 1 + 1 equals? D.O.: 2... (cr: @xiches)
-Q: Kyungsoo oppa I really really miss you // Kyungsoo: I really miss you too! (cr: @shiihx)
-Fan: Between Suho and Baekhyun who's taller? // D.O: ((baekhyun)) (cr: @shiihx)
-Fan: the 168cm Kyungsoo please reply me with "i love you 10000x" and a heart / DO: I'm not 168 I am over 170 who are you come here (cr: @shiihx)
-Kyungsoo: super steelman pig! (cr: @ontokki)

Trans by @xiches, @shiihx, and @ontokki as mentioned before
Compiled by L from @EXOCastle
Please take out with full credit

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