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6th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

130406 CNBLUE BLUE MOON note by chungz :
1.YH’s parents came to see the concert(YH’s mom even walked outside of Taipei Arena before concert)
2.JS took off jacket then threw back wildly when get on stage
3.YH & JS have couple dance too funny , then YH also danced with JH.
4.Boice took white & red paper boards during first MC time, MH saw it and said it out loud : “TAIWAN heart CNBLUE ”! (very successful event)
5.MH asked Boice to introduce good Taiwan food for them, and he said in Chinese : 牛肉麵beef noodle & 珍珠奶茶bubble tea. YH said : 火鍋hot pot.(JH said “I’m sorry”cause Boice cannot understand his Chinese...)
6.YH : Taipei is in my head
7.YH played piano solo for <Feelings> , <These days>, then YH asked boice to play Mexican wave (fans wave) , did it 2 times
8.Boice didn’t get chance to show “Blue ribbon sea” cause CNBLUE made extra encore song <Try again, Smile again> ...
9.Boice made chorus with ending music <I’m Sorry> after members’ leaving.

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