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6th Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

To Adjust volume levels of multiple MP3 and MP4/M4A (AAC, LC-AAC only) files losslessly, install MP3Gain , download AACGain , unzip it, rename "aacgain.exe" inside to "mp3gain.exe" and copy it to the MP3Gain folder (replace the existing one). Start MP3Gain, drag and drop the audio/video files, click Track Analysis, then click Track Gain (Select Album Gain or Constant Gain). If you put MP4 video files, YouTube rips for example, volume of the videos will be adjusted in the MP4 container (you don't need to extract audio at all). The files will be overwritten. Not all M4A types are supported but M4A extracted from YouTube videos (as AAC and remuxed to M4A) is supported.

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