DEEP THOUGHTS: For you #WAREHOUSE13 fans who don't have cable or Syfy but still LOVE and SUPPORT the show: Perhaps this season you might be interested in showing your support by scraping together a few shekels and becoming a Nielsen statistic!! Yippeeeee!
Yup, like it or not, every TV show lives or dies by that all-powerful specter known as "The Numbers." A lot of our fantastic fans are watching the show on their computer or other devices, and while we heartily approve of your watching, you may not actually be "counted". And since "The Numbers" are to EVERY network what "The Force" was to Luke - i.e. No Numbers = No Power - might I humbly ask that - even if for this brief 10 week period - you consider contacting YOUR LOCAL CABLE PROVIDER, and adding Syfy to your elite selection of channels!
C'mon... fulfill your destiny and bask in the possibility that can be Warehouse 13, Season 22!!
May The Numbers be with us!

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