So I Need your help,
It's all about Maddie, (@itsmaddiehbu), she amazing and has never met Justin and I know there are so many people that haven't met him but it doesn't hurt to help someone else, Beliebers help beliebers right?

Okay so about Maddie, she has two really good friends called Heidi (@daqueenvatorauhls) and Ida (@avonsvaristy) and they are all from Finland. They are all really close friends.
When Maddie was younger her parents fought a lot and she has found it hard to trust people since but Heidi and Ida are always listening and cheering her up.
Maddie is crazy, but in a good way haha, she helps so many people even when she's upset. Personally, she has helped me through so much it is unbelievable, literally i have no clue where i'd be now with out her. She also has had Justin's music to help her through everything and would like to thank him.

Maddie had been through treatment and Justin's music helped her through her depression, which she is still getting over. She says that throughout all the crap in life it's basically the only thing she lives for, to make her dreams come true and meet Justin. She messaged me one day saying that she was going to give up and that she only reason she hasn't given up yet was because of the chance of meeting Justin, It took a lot convincing to stop her from giving up. Maddie is trying to move on for Justin, she may have several scars but she's stopped thanks to Justin and Other people.

Maddie has also made a book with lots of messages and things in for Justin, which she actually spent MONTHS making and she'd really like to give to him personally. There are so many people that have messages in it it would also make other people be noticed by Justin.

So what to do? Well on the 12th of April we're going to try and trend #bieberformaddie and if that doesn't work we're going to try to trend that on the 15th and If that doesn't work we're going to try trend it on the 18th. The concert she is going to is on the 22nd but she is also going to Hesinki on the 26th and waiting outside the Arena with Heidi and Ida. Please we Really really need you're help.

Just because you don't live in Finland or don't know Maddie really shouldn't stop you from helping, I mean I live in England. But seriously, all it takes is to tweet this link and Tweet once or twice #bieberformaddie . Please, this would mean so much to Maddie.

Now you've read all of this, and i Love you for that, thank you. It doesn't matter if you only RT this or Send this to Someone or Do the Hashtag, you've helped and we love you for that. Hard work pays of right? Please do help because this is going to be really really hard to make happen if we don't get as much help as possible.

So as Maddie says,

We're asking you, from the bottom of our hearts, please please help her meet Justin.
She has a dream and if you know what its like to have a dream and be so close to giving up, please help. If you know what it's like to be let down constantly,help. Please.
If you know what it's like only Living for Justin, help, please?
It doesn't hurt to help Maddie, just one tweet would mean the world to Maddie.

If you're still reading this thank you. Don't give up, you all deserve to meet Justin but please help Maddie, take all the credit but please help her? Keep fighting for your dreams because it'll be worth it <3 Never give up

Tasha xox

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