[AHN CHANGIN (Jaehyo's older brother)] Ha.. I'm being insulted by my little brother.. And no contact from him as usual ..

My little brother is damn strong... pic.twitter.com/efMUIHGIdL

(Kakaotalk conversation:

[AHN CHANGIN] What are you doing that I can't get in contact with you

-2013, April 4th Thursday-

[AHN JAEPOOP] [WOOPAROO Mountain] Let's raise cutie Wooparoos together~ Come visit our village.

-Connect to application-
Do not receive related recommended application

[AHN CHANGIN] You punk

[AHN CHANGIN] You're not gonna call?

(T/N: Jaehyo (nicknamed Ahn Jaepoop on his brother's phone) sent his brother an automated message for the Kakao phone application game, Wooparoo Mountain)

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