From: The niece of the late Peter Hodgson


to me
hello again samuel,
an thanks for your speedy reply, if only dwp would reply as quick,an like your self why is are queen not fighting for her people,we lavish her with land, gewls crowns and castles....fight for her country, so why dose she not repay the favor and fight for owe us nothing yet you are giving us the emo to fight.i now hve to sit an wait for the courts to decide my fait. i been sanctioned for not attending back to work interviews since july now,so they have stopped alot of my benefit i recive £290 a mnth sounds alot but iv got to pay out of this £109 towards my mortgage £100 gas + elect.telephone £36 that leave £45 FOR FOOD for a month without any other there wasnt enouth cash in the bank when mortgage was taken out last year alone i had 9x£35 charged to my mortgage plus £6.00 for every unpaid direct debit.this alone hasnt helped my health.....i think susan is in a much better place ... you have permition to use letters i send to you......thanks again for your help........your a star

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