Dear Conservative Blogger who was upset that Peter Parker/Spider-Man saved North Korean soldiers instead of LEAVING THEM TO DIE-- BECAUSE HE REVERED ALL LIFE...

Dear Same-Conservative-Blogger who is NOW upset that Otto Octavius/Spider-Man took out a crazed gunman who killed over 30 people in a shooting INSTEAD of letting the police cart him away to prison-- BECAUSE Otto thought that man (even though helpless at the time) deserved to die, might later get out, and kill again...

You are an IDIOT.

I'm not saying that BECAUSE you are a Conservative Blogger.

Everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs.

I'm saying that BECAUSE you, specifically-- independent of the fact you're a Conservative Blogger-- ARE an idiot.

When someone's beliefs/ideologies/presuppositions BLIND them to their own hypocrisies-- WHEREVER those beliefs/ideologies/presuppositions lie-- CONSERVATIVE, LIBERAL, or WHAT-HAVE-YOU-- THOSE PEOPLE (like yourself) ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOTS.


You are NOT a rational, thinking human being. You're an idiot who's had their brain removed and filled with the pap/preconceived-notions/rhetoric/propaganda/talking-points of others.

There is no talking, conversing, or reasoning with you. Enjoy your idiocy by yourself and those stupid enough to endure it, you brain dead ideologue.

And, BTW, it DOESN'T matter how many copies of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN are on the racks of your Barnes & Noble in Lynchburg, Virginia. The book is doing PHENOMENALLY well.

It works like this: It's a TOP 10 BOOK-- one of Marvel's BEST performing titles-- hell, one of the BEST performing titles in the ENTIRE AMERICAN MARKET! Google the sales. THEN, once you see how it's ACTUALLY doing nationwide, factor THIS in: EVERY SINGLE ISSUE HAS SOLD OUT ON THE DISTRIBUTOR LEVEL AND GONE BACK FOR MULTIPLE PRINTINGS-- ON TOP OF THOSE NUMBERS!

What does THAT mean? That means that LOTS of readers ACROSS the country are buying enough copies that enough retailers are SELLING OUT and having to place REORDERS-- and that those REORDERS are eating through whatever stock Diamond has. Not all books sell out. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN does. So even though you'd like to paint its sales as "not superior," you would be DEMONSTRATIVELY WRONG. IN A VERY EASY TO PROVE WAY.

It's okay to have your own opinions. It's not okay to make up your own "facts." Especially when you're drawing gross assumptions from small and biased samplings.

Also, idiot, no rape took place in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. And the OTHER idiot who lead you to believe that-- the guy who writes Aunt May fan-fic porn, commissions naked pictures of MaryJane Watson art from people on DeviantArt, and makes bogus sales charts for Amazing Spider-Man while purposefully leaving off the TOP THIRD of all the (inaccurate) data he can find? The SAME idiot who created the #SuperiorSpiderRapist hash tag? The SAME idiot who tweeted well into the triple digits how MJ would DEFINITELY be raped in the pages of the book? Even THAT idiot came out and admitted that he was WRONG and that no physical rape took place. So congrats on keeping THAT misinformation flowing, you idiot.

Aaaaand rant over. :-D

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