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3rd Apr 2013 from TwitLonger

@JimCarrey I use the word "compromise" so much in this last week answering comments on "Who Say" & YouTube regarding gun-control, that saying "I couldn't agree more” with your Huffington Post beautiful text, seems not enough. I was afraid that my notion of fan would be misunderstood by you, for being an active part in answering critics, haters and intolerants, even if I did it to share my own opinion who happens to be the same as ours. You are someone I love, respect, care and who I'm a proud fan of. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't trying to defend you as well. I'm sorry but I can't look away, especially seeing the unfairness towards someone that actually brought way more than just joy to all of us in these 30 years.
I do know better, without truly knowing, how great you really are at what you do, but like one very wise man once said "it ain't my highjinks they like, it's me" and for us to be able to continue to follow you, it's because there's something more about you.
Here's the fan secret & my own personal theory: Jim, you have shared with us much more than we could ever hope for. Maybe more than we deserve. If someone asked me the percentage of knowledge that I believe I had of you as a person my answer would be 50%.
I truly believe we don’t know anyone 100%, but we can get close. For someone to be considered part of someone’s life, my theory is that they should know you at least 80%. I’m probably confusing you but bear with me… ^^
Are you wondering why I said 50%? Anything more than that is assuming I know you very damn well, like some obsessive people may think they do. Is assuming that just cause I’m your fan I think I know who you are and I can guess what you’re thinking and all of that cliché crap that people associate with being a fan: naïve and infatuated.
That’s not who I am. That’s not my notion of fan or the meaning I believe in.
But saying anything less than that is assuming you’re portraying to be someone you are not in all of those interviews & in all the videos and pictures you have shared with us. And it would be easy to buy that, if your eyes weren’t so expressive and so sweet. Is through them that we can see the truth, whether you’re being funny, serious or polite correct… = )>
That’s why any kind of hate towards you, hits a never on your fans. We have done the homework. But it’s also the reason why we have a smile on our faces when we read what you just wrote on the HuffPost. After all, you are right.
So, do you wanna know why we say “we know better”? Why we claim to know in our hearts that you’re a wonderful person? Well… Remember those 30% we’re missing? Those 30% that we’ll never know? The answer is faith. Pure faith. In you, in us, in mankind.

I don’t regret one word I ever wrote whether in this last week or even what I’m typing right now. Maybe that’s the problem… = )
But to you, I will apologize if you felt like I may, in any way, wrote something I shouldn’t. I apologize because I did mention you in my comments and you may think I have crossed the line. I promise you it was not my intention.

I hope that what you wrote can reach the hearts of those who are way too full of hate to see anything even though it’s right in front of them. God knows I’ve tried to open some people’s minds to the possibility of compromise in this gun-control issue. But my voice in tiny so I was ignored but yours is big enough to make some form of dent in this world we live him.
What you wrote touched my heart and moved me, because even though I’m Portuguese, I do like USA and I believe a compromise it’s the best option of this situation. I’m tired of seeing the news about everything bad in this world. I wanna live life and not be depressed at the possibility of what could go wrong with it.

I will continue to make my opinion noted because I do believe that we have to say something when your hearts tells you to. That’s one of the reasons why I share my opinion through comments. I was shocked at the level of hate some people were willing to go but I was also disappointed at how much people, who I believe are out there and who agreed with you, who have the same point of view, said nothing. That’s not ok with me.
Clearly, when I feel the need in my heart to say something I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this very long text, Jim. ^^

But I had to let you know… that you never were alone in this, even if some people take longer to stand up.
Above it all, I wanted to let you know how proud I am to be your fan because I know that the artist I follow is also an amazing human being, whose faith in himself changed his career and whose faith in people’s good may change the world.

Thank you Jim Carrey! I love you very much… with all the respect and caring love of the entire world that you so well deserved.

PS: You may not remember… but I will collect that hug in Heaven, Hell or wherever we find up there. I got my VIP section card ordered to cover all places. ^_~

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