Modest! Analysis
(If you don't ship Larry, don't read. you won't give two shits.)
So as many of you know, quite a few Twitter's have been deleted. all of them were deleted after them tweeting about Larry Stylinson. only 2 that I know of actually tweeted directly to @ModestMgmt. the others didn't even mention @ModestMgmt. so how did they find the accounts? it's obvious. they stalk the Larry accounts. they could literally be any account following you and you may never know it. now, how do I know this?
how would they find an account that didn't even mention them? I've read through Twitter's terms of service. I literally mean I read them. word for word. now, it says that they don't completely monitor tweets, unless given a reason to do so, like someone posting nudes or sexual content. why would people tweeting stuff like "Larry is real!" be marked as inappropriate? there's no reason to delete tweets from a teenage girl posting about 2 boys from a famous band that has nothing to do with Twitter, sexual content, etc. so I think that's pretty clear.
now lets go on to some of the accounts that have been deleted. so I think one of the first accounts that really got hit hard was @iJadengasm. She tweeted saying that she saw One Direction. her account had nothing to do with One Direction. it was a fanpage for Jaden Smith, which had him following. why would she risk that being deleted? So she tweeted saying that she saw them. two tweets. then people started asking questions. she said she only recognized Harry, the other boy being a short one. People sent her pictures of Louis and she said she thinks that was him. Suddenly, all her tweets were wiped and she was no longer following anyone. coincidence? I think not. Also a girl tweeted saying she saw Harry and a shorter boy in a hat at The Grove, waking quickly. she stated that she didn't even know it was Harry until her mom mentioned it. her account had nothing to do with why would she have any reason to make this up? but a few hours later, her tweets are gone and she had an email from Katie Davids, a worker with Modest! management. soon, that tweet was gone too. the next day, a long tweet was up about how she faked the whole thing and photoshopped the email. now I'll be honest and say I actually believed this. until now. when I first saw her tweets about Larry in L.A. I did some background checking on her. I basically just read through all her old tweets to make sure she wasn't trolling us and actually didn't know who One Direction was. I kind of memorized her grammar patterns. I had the twitlonger saved for future analysis, so I went back and read it. the grammar in it was very perfected and it just didn't sound like her. so I kind if dropped it. but later the twitlonger was gone and every single one if her tweets was gone. I literally mean everything. she tweeted saying it was bullshit and that she couldn't find her tweets and that she did t know what was going on. she didn't even know about the twitlonger when someone asked. someone had a picture of it and sent it to her. she replied with "I never tweeted that." so how is this possible? oh that's right. Modest hacked her account, posted the tweet, and she was right about all this the whole time. she also said she thinks she was hacked. that gives us more proof. an account I follow on Instagram had their Twitter deleted. it was called @Larry_Shipper21. they tweeted one thing about Larry, not even to Modest and they got deleted. same with other accounts I've seen.
Like I explained, Twitter doesn't just delete accounts. and we already know Modest is behind this. or so we think. but my analysis team and I think we have proof. since Twitter doesn't just delete accounts, somebody is deleting them. we have three theories.
1. Somebody associated with Modest works with Twitter and has been doing an inside job. it could be several people. they could easily be doing this, as twitter has bigger fish to fry, like hackers, hate accounts, and porn accounts. they obviously wouldn't notice a worker deleting these accounts and tweets.
2. Modest somehow hacks into the Twitter servers and deleted the accounts. I truly believe this theory is unlikely, but it is just a theory.
3. Because Modest manages famous people, they were given authority to do this(delete tweets and/or accounts). I would think this is very likely because they may see a leaked picture of one of the boys and need to delete it. so if they had this power they could easily delete the tweet without having to blame Twitter for the photo being leaked. Because Twitter does not monitor what goes on, they don't see these tweets about the accounts being deleted, therefore they don't know what Modest is doing. So Modest could easily just wipe all these accounts' tweets or even suspend the account. they can even get info on the person running the account such as phone numbers, emails, real names, and passwords. that explains how Kate Davids is blackmailing these girls. it also explains how some accounts are being hacked. I believe this is the strongest theory.
because I am posting this, I know there is a huge risk that it will be deleted, my account my be suspended, and I could be emailed by modest. well I'm taking that risk. be sure to save this tweet so if it's deleted, we still have it. I have this saved on my phone, laptop, and anywhere else possible. be sure to spread this around.
I also apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar errors, as I type this on my phone and it's 1AM. You guys wanted this done so I did it fast for you.

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