my brothers and i got bullied A LOT growing up for many personal reasons, we didn't really fit in. School was extremely tough for us. We were a target amongst our peers and didn't have many friends at all. I remember walking around the school yard with Beau and greeting people to see how many people would reply to us pleasantly. We got responses such as 'shut the fuck up' or 'faggots' or 'losers'. This made us actually feel like losers and we thought of ourselves as a losers. During our younger years of school Luke, beau and I mostly played with each other as no one liked us. We were picked on every single day for years and years.
One reason for being picked on was because of our weight. What can we say, growing up with an Italian family meant eating pasta for dinner every night and we loved our food. Beau was bullied so much about his weight growing up and felt really self conscious . Even his teacher had once picked on him about his weight in front of the whole class. Luke and I loved playing footy growing up, we lived and breathed football. But sadly we were the joke of our football team because of our weight and this made us feel extremely unconfident and as a result did not play to our full potential. Every training session we went to we were bullied and made a joke out of, when we were running laps with the team luke and i would run at the front while everyone was behind us making a joke about us as a team and laughed at us and we felt like completely shit. There was a football team sleep over at the coach's house which luke and i attended, and i remember being bullied that night until i started crying. Then someone on the team the next day told me that when me and luke went to sleep (we were the first to sleep) everyone was laughing at us and someone said 'put your hand up if you hate luke and jai' and every single one of the team raised their hands. As ten year olds this made us feel pretty miserable. Beau wasn't the best at football but he also played and copped a shitload of bullying by the team also, to the point we he was physically harassed.
So as little kids we copped a fair amount of bullying but that was just a tiny bit of it.
Then high school came and we actually fitted in with everyone and became quiet popular as we lost weight and started to not care what people said about us anymore. Once you stop caring, people stop bullying you. Everything was amazing and my social life was pretty good. I was now popular in my classes and footy team and out in the school yard.
This all came to an end when our YouTube group 'janoskians' grew popularity. Most of our friends turned against us, people would whisper nasty things to their friends as they walked past, people would call out mean stuff to us such as 'faggots', 'gay cunts' and so on... We were also physically attacked and were in a lot of physical fights because of it sometimes 5 boys onto just me. Teachers were also making fun of us in class and would make jokes in front of the whole class. Luke, james and i would try to hide away from everyone at recess and lunch to avoid all of this. This was just at school. At home it was way worse, with the Internet. All we wanted to do was make people laugh and smile while watching our videos, but many people saw us as gay kids and we were a massive bullying target especially on facebook. We would read comments saying 'go kill yourselves' or comments saying how they will kill us or hurt our family and so many fucking mean comments. Life felt pretty shit for us and it seemed like the world hated us, the only people that kept us going was our fans. Walking the streets of Melbourne we were sometimes chased by a group of boys wanting to bash us. Walking in Melbourne is pretty scary for us as we get harassed every single time we are out by teenage boys. This was a Very sad time for us and we felt like completely shit. Living in fear is the worst thing to happen to you.
This all effected us until about a year ago where we decided not to give a fuck anymore. We realised people can say the most nasty words To us but it does not mean anything at all. We learned that if we let them get to us, then they are stopping us from living out dream and they win. Being sad reading nasty comments soon changed to being fucking happy laughing at the nasty comments. We learned that if you block out the negativity in life and focus on the positive then life becomes much more enjoyable. If you are at your lowest point in life just think things could
Be much worse, You could be homeless, with no parents or family or disabled. Now because of everything that has happened we are living our dreams, and if we listened to all of the haters and bullies then we would not be where we are today. For me the greatest revenge to haters and bullies is succeeding. SUCCESS IS THE GREATEST REVENGE. Being bullied young I would've never thought I would be where I am today and if I chose to listen to the bullies then my life would be completely different.
If you ever feel like harming yourselves or committing suicide due to bullying then just remember, don't give up, keep fighting and prove everyone else wrong and beat them by succeeding. Now I could not give a flying fuck what someone says about me at all and life is so much better. Now I have many fans around the world, a couple of loyal friends, a potential career and a beautiful girlfriend that most boys wish they had.
From being young kids, watching our father bash our mother, watching our mother raising us on her own, being bullied verbally and physically and feeling like the most hated kids in Australia, we now have the most amazing fan base who goes through a lot of bullying themselves and we hope to change their sad faces into smiles and show them not to care what people think of them and just enjoy life and make some memories, we now feel as if we are the most luckiest kids in the world.
Through this story I'm not trying to say I'm a hero, im sure many of you have had it much worse than me. I'm just trying to use myself as an example that things do get better and that when life is at its lowest i promise things do get better, its up to you to turn it around.
the more I succeed the more I laugh at the people who once doubted me.

Live laugh and enjoy your precious life