@flame77 <---IS RIGHT @stark3923 @jeffgoldesq @Christi_Paul @DrDrewHLN LaViolette DID interview #jodiarias & she DID lie to Alyce ab't computer pics. Of course later changing story to match computer forensic evidence. Here's more info:

During Juan's cross of Jodi on Day 21, Juan mentions the hearing on August 8, 2011. This hearing was where Jodi tried to get Matt McCartney to lie for her about pedophilia accusations against Travis & attempted to slip magazines to him. LaViolette was in this same hearing & told Juan Martinez during questioning that Jodi had told her Travis was masturbating to images on a laptop (not pieces of paper on bed).

Separately, accounts say that Juan was furious about LaViolette's testimony and immediately filed a motion to preclude LaViolette from testifying about Travis Alexander in any way. Mainly because her testimony would be based on a lie from Jodi. Prosecutor could prove this was a lie because it directly contradicted Jodi saying she saw Travis masturbating to pictures on his bed NOT images on laptop.

On August 15, 2011, the judge granted the state's motion to preclude LaViolette from speaking about Travis and limiting her testimony about main issues of abuse.

Separately, I seem to recall that Jean Casarez was recently on HLN speaking about this same hearing where LaViolette and Juan got into it pretty heavily and that LaViolette didn't fare well against him. Apparently Jean didn't think LaViolette would hold up against Juan much better than on that day when he gets her on cross. Does anyone have that video?

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