My heart broke into 1000s of pieces, some dropped here, some dropped there but still I have enough strength because there are 1000s of angles in this modern world such as Jamila Hanan,Heather Marsh,Dr.Maung Zarni who give me energy everyday. Sometimes, I can't control myself,become emotional not because of my life but because of 1000s of #Rohingya &#Muslims who are under #genocide by Nazi Government of #Myanmar,listening crying music daily,I feel everything in this Universe is crying because of slaughtering innocent children in #Burma. I feel birds, insects,and other animal stop singing, they have been crying for #Rohingya; sometimes, birds come and offer themselves to eat to the starving #Rohingya. Recently I met 3 angles who came from very distant places, I looked them carefully; they are smiling at me but I feel their hearts are crying. I would like to beg the World that if any of my word hurt anyone, please forgive me, I apologize all for my shortcoming. We highly appreciate all those angle like human who are raising their voices for innocent victims,stateless people,#Rohingya, and #humanity.

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