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25th Mar 2013 from TwitLonger

WHY #JodiArias KILLED Travis. Before Jodi bought a house with Daryl - Jodi said she had great credit and over $10k in bank.

***Jodi told us WHY she MURDERED Travis***

Jodi lost her job, lost her home, lost Daryl, was broke, maxed credit cards out, got breast implants, car broke down, no cash, borrowed money, and was forced to move in with grandparents. Jodi life was out of control; Jodi wanted to marry the rich Travis and have Travis friends and life. Jodi had no friends just ex boyfriends. Jodi left Daryl for Travis and Travis thru Jodi way for Mimi/Cancun = Jodi's view

May 26 Travis sent JA the i hate u/ ur evil text
May 28 Gun reported stolen
May late - JA borrow $ from Paul to see Travis
June 2 rents car
June 4 murders travis

Travis discovered that Jodi stole Travis Journals, made up lies about fake people, especially Steve Carroll. Jodi had a history of making fake friends up - mainly from movie references; Jodi threatened suicide. Jodi stalked Travis and his dates. Travis threatened to expose Jodi and her narcissistic sociopath stalking ways. Jodi went rageful when hacking into Travis emails and voicemail finding out Travis removed Jodi from Cancun ticket and replaced Jodi with Mimi Hall.

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