Lindsey Way · @lynzway

23rd Mar 2013 from TwitLonger

In 2002 I saw MCR for the first time. I remember feeling privileged- like I had just witnessed something important and special. It was chaos and magic. It was sincere and inspiring. I never lost that feeling. Every show after felt like a blessing. As a fan of MCR my heart is broken but i understand. I know what it feels like to want to break your orbit and float like a satellite, wild in space, running the risk of disintegration. The desire to take your life into your own hands and hurl it at the stars...
I understand the need for change and the desire to begin again. The journey is always the best part. Though I will deeply miss MCR I have never met more talented and incredible people and more than anything I'm excited for what @gerardway @mikeyway @FrankIero @raytoro do next.
I know it's going to be amazing because they are each amazing.
The future starts right now. A new adventure is about to take place and I for one will be on that ride!
Who's coming with me?

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