[LINE CHAT-Translations(HenHae collaboration?)] Shindong asked Henry if he prepared anything special for the concert. Henry: This concert? My self-composed song..as my solo.. Donghae hyung (Uproar from members cause Henry revealing too much information. LOL Kangin feeds him water and Henry gave the innocent look) Shindong: Henry has gave a lot of information, using his self composed song,and even mentioning Donghae...(couldn't catch this part.What ever it is, it seems that HenHae has some collaboration~) Henry: And I.. Actually I have a piece of new information. I did loads of cooking in Master Chef but actually all these was learnt while filming the movie "Final Recipe". Shindong: You filmed a movie? Henry: Yes. So this movie will be shown in Korea this year's summer. (Shindong: Henry, what character are you acting as?) Henry: I'm a Chef.(Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun: What's the movie title?") Henry: Final Recipe. In Korean pronounciation, it will be Final Recipe(KOR).(Shindong: Are you sure that is Korean pronounciation?)Henry repeats the Korean way of saying Final Recipe and the members corrected him. Henry: Hope everyone will go and watch it!

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