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[Trans] CEO of FNC Ent. Han Seong Ho. (interview at C Channel)

02:45~ 03:06
MC2: When did you start?
Han: It's 7 years ago when I founded my company. When FTisland debuted was the time I founded the company.
It's been quite long time since I started music. Since when I was 1st year of college, I sang and composed, then I made company.

05:30~ 06:36
Han: When I was working as a composer, I used to visit Japan. I found my country is behind especially in band music.
Kids could take systematic dance lesson to become a dance team. I started music as a band. I was a lead singer.
So I thought, if I teach those kids musical instruments, won't they be able to become band? And plus if they have attractiveness as a star, I believe they can create a market of band music.
I started with this simple idea, then I started to collect members.
MC1: These day, even many of men take plastic surgery. But I just heard none of your boys took surgery?
Han: No.
MC2: Really? CNBLUE either?
Han: I thought I could let them do if they needed to do, but actually none of them needed.
[Born beauty]

07:06~ 07:24
Han: The band market in Japan is more active. FTisland went there earlier than others.
They could get popularuty together with the drama, 'You're beautiful' which Lee Hongki, Jung Yonghwa, Jang Geunseuk starred.

09:31~ 12:30
Han: The thing that I did band helped me a lot, I knew how to teach, how to let them play the instruments.
Since FT and CNBLUE debuted, they suffered prejudice a lot that 'They can't do, they won't do.'
But actually, FT is from the 2nd album, CNBLUE is from the 1st album, they did all of instruments performing in recording by themselves. Even though nobody believed them.
There are still prejudice in my country. But those things are their destiny which they should bring.
Because they are the first runners, they should break those prejudice to step forward.
MC3: How many years have they trained with you?
Han: Average 3 to 4 years.
MC1: FTisland were teenagers at that time. I think normally teenagers want to be a dance singers than to be a band? How did you persuade them?
Han: Uh? Any of them refused band. They all said they preferred band, some of them were playing musical instruments. They didn't have special objection.
MC1: You met fate.
MC3: The one who suffered more was the boys. You brought them to the church who didn't believe?
Han: When FTisland started training, I was Sunday school teacher for highschool students at my church. I brought them and let them be other teacher's class.
MC2: Those boys were highschool students too.
Han: When I went to church on Sunday, I went with them. Maybe they didn't like it, but since I was their boss, they followed me and stayed with me.
Our company have chapel on every Monday. It's not forced, only about 15 people attend.
CNBLUE Jung Yonhgwa once has followed me to my church. I must become a model person to make him become Christian.
MC3: You said only 15 people, then how many people are in your company?
Han: Including affiliate, we are about 100 people.

14:49~ 19:09
MC1: After FTisland succeeded, CNBLUE might be easier?
Han: It became extremely difficult. After FTisland debuted, I thought I myself would never be arrogant, but I was from a moment.
I began to expand the company. Such as, I founded subsidiary company in Japan.
I could just make contract and work with existing company. But I myself did found one and I brought some staffs and worked there.
In that time, I should have released FTisland album regularly to earn money continuously, but I missed timing of releasing album for a couple of times.
Suddenly things became hard. My debt increased up to 3 billion won. It was just before CNBLUE debut.
I felt so hard. So I prayed God eagerly. 'You let me see the arrogant side of myself. If you give me one more chance, I willl never be greedy again.'
It was time to let CNBLUE debut., But I thought I should not let them debut any more. So I sent them to Japan. I thought, 'If it's not his will, let's stop here.'
Then, there was a drama 'You're beautiful'. Jang Gunseok, Lee Hongki, Jung Yonghwa, Park Shinhye appreared in it.
They were casting, Yonghwa's position was vacant. Hongki was cast already. I thought it would be good if Yonghwa got that role.
I met the director, but he told me in cold manner. so I thought, 'Ah it seems it's not possible,' I just kept praying.
One day morning, I got a phone call from the broadcasting station. 'Jung Yonghwa is cast.'
Later heard from the director. He was a Christian too, he was praying too at that time.
He thought if he talked with me a lot, he might be confused, so he stayed away from me.
Later heard that the scriptwriters objected a lot. But the director liked Yonghwa a lot.
The scriptwriters objected because Yonghwa spoke dialect. But the direct didn't hear his dialect.
Later he told me, 'If I had known he spoke dialect this much, I would have not cast him.'
After Yonghwa became popular, the next year, CNBLUE debuted with 'I'm a loner'
In 5 days, they swept charts, my company could stand up again just in 2~3 months.

19:43~ 24:40
MC2: Please boast to the viewers. Who are FTisland and CNBLUE members?
Han: I always say this. FTisland is my first son, but feel like the youngest. They are the closest to me.
Hongki likes to joke me at private seats. They are very pure.
CNBLUE is my second son, but as reliable as the first son. They look so, they hardly speak.
Since their debut, I've never seen they get along with other fellow entertainers. They are always doing music, composing, practicing instruments or acting.
They don't seem like boys of these days, they are very right.
MC2: Because of it, they are good at not only singing, but also acting. How well they act? Especially Jungshin in 'My daughter Seoyoung'.
Han: To be honest, Jungshin was who I worried the most. 'Will he be able to do well...'
It seems he practiced a lot after seeing other members succeeded.
While 'My daughter Seoyoung' was filming, they had concerts in foreign country. Accidentally I sat next to Jungshin in the plane.
He never have released script book from his hands. So I thought, 'Ah because he works this hard, he must do well.'
They are succeeding not only because they have talent, but also they are sincere.
MC1: Actually, the entertainment society is the most pleasure-seeking place. Isn't it difficult to keep your faith and praying in such place?
Han: I think that's because God is using me.
Actually when I compose or write lyric, I never use any provocative or sensational expression. All the artists in my company know it.
Anyone can fall down. Especially this entertainment world is the trap you can fall in easily,
People tend to think that if it was full of feeling, certain amount of fault can be excused.
But I personally believe that a matured persons should control themselves more.
They are still young boys, they may fall down, but I try to keep this idea in their brain, Just like mothers tell this to their kids when she raised them.
Boys may think I am too conservative. I pray every time I meet difficult thing.
When our artists meet any bad luck, I think god temper me by those things.
These days, my prayer is 'Let me be Noah's ark in this entertainment business.'
The contents from our company should not be too sensational or harmful.

39:52~ 42:00
MC2: Not only CCM albums, you did God's work a lot. You built a school at Africa?
Han: The name of the school is 'CNBLUE School'.
I said to them, 'I know our God is who reward double. If you build a school with this amount of money from your annual income, 400~500 children can eat and their soul can be saved. How will you do?
Although you don't believe in God, but if there God exist, god will bless you double.'
They accepted it with pleasure, so we could build the school.
Only the registered children can eat one meal. They rarely can eat one meal per month. So many other people wanted to put in their children.
So at November of last year, we built one more building.
What I'm praying is, I hope other artists in our company follow it and build schools all over the world.

43:20~ 45:15
MC1: You built CNBLUE school with your faith, but other management company may copy it, 'Why we can't do it?' If they do, it will be a great work.
Han: Other company said so, "Ah, there was such thing, we should have done it!'
We didn't do it for any promotion. I hope many people join.
MC2: Tell me any heartwarming episode.
Han: There are kindergarten and elementary school there. Jung Yonghwa made a school song. Those kids are singing along that song.
(CNBLUE school song)
To them, CNBLUE are not singers. I feel heart warmed to see a town is being recovered through CNBLUE school.

45:32~ 46:03
MC2: What are you planning this year?
Han: New artists will debut. CNBLUE and FT will be busy doing their world tour.
I am expanding to drama production. I hope it is stabilized.

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