[FanAcc] 140315 CNBLUE *2 at FNC Kingdom Concert

Yonghwa wearing white tee, black leathervjacket and black denim. He took off his Jacket before 'feeling' performance

They played arrangement coffee shop same as arena tour, so Rock.
And Yong played new intro of 'feeling'.

I'm still exciting Jonghyun "It was very hard to prepare for this kingdom event coz we are busy
to do [Can't Stop] activities in Korea now" Thank u

CNB played Coffee Shop arrangement same as last arena tour in jp. Yong played new intro of 'feeling' by the piano.
He is really talented boy.

At first of their performance Yonghwa said to the audience "Omatase!" (means: sorry, waiting for a long time)

cr. boice106

They sang the new songs from #CantStop continuously - Diamond Girl, Can't Stop, Like A Child

Yonghwa is the MC for the encore, introducing all the artistes Jungshin and Kwangjin standing next to each other, hands on each other's shoulders :')

Minhyuk splashing water, Lee Jonghyun is throwing his towel

Final Encore Song : Try Again Smile Again. Kor. Vers - Jonghyun was piggy-backing Jungshin

cr. 普林斯泰格

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