[FanAcc] 140315 FNC Kingdom Concert *2

When FTIsland introduce AOA, the BGM was miniskirt!!

Hongki and Jaejin dance while everyone watching Miniskirt mv!!

The funny thing is.. Hongki still dance while Jaejin said he is manly!! Then after a second he shake his butt and dance!! Lol

Hongki said it was Fantastic Day!! But not fantastic one!! Bigbang has!! (Fantastic Baby) Then JH dance the step while HK said stop it!

JH still dance the step of Bigbang and HK got irritated!!
Hk: Ok!! Just dance!! Then JH stop!!

Jongki has a moment today!!

Maybe HK got jealous coz JH dance
Seungri's group song!!

In the midst of Hongki talk JH said
something to HK but not clearly!! Hk just reply!! "I know"..

Hongki bullied Juniel before he introduce her.. He said the "alone" (he means one member only)

I can't forget JH stare on Hongki while grooving into AOA Miniskirt music!!

During encore, Jaejin hugged Jungshin!! So cute jaejin,, like a lost baby!! ^^

Hongki wave Pentastick during encore while thanking everyone!!

Two Song place stage.. Our next song is.. (Everyone clap) None!!! Lol

So cute when Hongjae dance on

FTIsland: We are the senior in our
company, we will not be defeated!!

Hongki said he was so happy when
watching Nflying during their Opening act!!

FTIsland introduction:
HK: I'm Hongki!!
JJ: I'm everyone's Jaejin
JH: I'm everyone Jonghoon
MH: I'm Minhwan
SH: I'm everyone Seunghyun

Mc: Why you are defeated by them..?? (Hk got less clap bcoz JJ,JH,SH said their intro with "everyone's")
HK: We all know who's the famous

FTIsland was the First stage performerbbecause they are the one in-charge on MC-ing the introduction of their juniors!!
Simple like that!!

During picture taking!! Hongki Went farbthen make a cute pose on the side alone!! ㅋㅋ

HK: How are you..?? (Fans on their back) you only see our back, It is ok..? (Then HK turn around indicating his butt) ㅋㅋㅋ

cr. akieerashimae22

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