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18th Feb 2014 from TweetCaster

'Our Legacy'
Now today I won't be talking about how the ladies can get this d***, I mean she already know she can get this d***,she grown,she a Goddess, lbs, but instead I want to talk about some deep sh**, as if that's different from any other day, lol with the intent that it grows us vs destroying us & I hope we Never Forget, I can say this because I'm not a racist, I <3 all souls but like, Have you ever thought about slavery? And the effects it had on the black man & his family,community, and why its harder for him to keep an agreement?, credit worthiness in another man's system,(internal thoughts whether u like it or not) he was torn from his family and told to work in the field, and that his woman wasn't his, "nigger b**** tend to them kids", "nigger u wanta trip", Which is why the black women is or was 10x more likely to tend to her kids, don't get me wrong this started back in Africa when we could have multiple families, as long as we fed each, so safe to say this didnt help either way, cant really say if that stat is still accurate today, single mothers & fathers these days & back in the day, my great granddaddy raised all 16 of his kids even after his wife pasted away, but the census isn't always accurate in the black or poorer communities, regardless stats only record what has happened after the fact, which brings me to my next thing once we were free, and thought we could agree, he, my apologies the white mans great great granddaddy showed us why we couldn't agree, it was OK to fight side by side while we fight the south & other black guys, "but u niggers only gone get half a wage", with no recognition for achievements, "Thats not what we agreed, See son u cant trust the white men", is what the black man would say to his children, as if that wasn't enough here comes crack, initially in the black community, like the pharaoh trying to kill Moses before his days because of a prophecy not realizing we all are connected, or not giving a f***, I know ur thinking, "what about the Jews they went thru too," Yes that's true, & there's no excuse but their issue was a lil more about their jewels, art that is, so why was this done to the blacks though, I mean I know, we've been enlightened for awhile & sometimes I wonder why would we allow....but I have to remember the torture the church allowed if u spoke on anything scientific, different, curious beyond what was given, Egypt, control tactics to limit the spirit for money, creating bad habits, but my spirit is & was gone be freeee in slavery, don't u see u can't limit Antonio Lee, I will BE, not for an ego trip but there's no way we can exist in happiness, if we ain't free, like Frederick Douglas & Henry in the crate freeing himself from slavery, I wonder if they hadn't fought could they have created other ways to be free for so many or Lewis Latimer creating the filament, so the light bulb can last another day, a longer day, longer than a couple of days, why we all have light for more than a day, I hope one day all companies and all schools will say give praise to our legacy, if they haven't already, maybe some shares to their family, economic & cultural empowerment for creating, that's it, Balance, and maybe then we can uplift the limited perception barriers, like Mansa Musa, or even the video games created by a black man, Gerald Lawson, from XBox to Atari, or any black with all their patents, awww s*** we need to hear this, time to look it up on the internet, :D because we think all we can do is celebrate insignificance & do illegal s***, insecurities to say the least, created by we, each others ignorance in all facets, spiritual & physical, don't get me wrong we've come along way from strange fruit hanging on trees, but the only way to grow is to heal the broken soul, now nobody is innocent, I ain't perfect either, quick to call Zig Ziglar my nigga, I have to continue to grow to know, I don't have all the answers but at least I'm willing to answer, I do wonder how long, how long will it take for black history to be all of our history, is it not all our legacy? Do we not benefit from all the black creations in our global nation like any other creation? F.U.K Separation, my painting, I mean just look at art and it's hierarchy, and why black artists get less than the whites gee, so don't ask me why so much, the price is what it is, How many black artists have u seen at Sotheby's and Christie's or any auction houses, major galleries, outside of Jean Michel Basquiat, Where's Antonio Lee, his Olympic Art, trust me.. they know me, no different from any other creative genius, or how many blacks or artists as a matter of fact, do u see doing an offering, wtf is an offering??? I mean offering shares of my company, YNoFace Holdings, investment art fund, negotiating $$$ on FB and inspiring so many, following my dreams, :D & I don't even have the standard relationships or the media talking about me, & after my race had gone thru so much s***, passing on bad habits, don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at anybody, I just thought it would help uplift perception barriers & I'm thankful to those that told me no, only showed me a better way to do me!!!!,Einstein s*** or W. Dyer....f*** it whoever said it, I agree with it, lbs let's not forget there is a minority taking care of their business and I'm HAPPY.......to be making history, & it makes me wonder what if we were all grey? Why I paint us grey...Would we all then embrace, black history, because we've always been able to work together throughout history, Souls connected to All That Exists, God that is, we all just have our own way of saying it, so there's no need to get caught up in language barriers & no white man or black man is better than, so let's share in our legacy even if it is just a post on fb, s*** we all know the power of a post on fb, just read my posts to benefit Our Legacy. :) To see balance & inspire others to create their lives.......
Enjoy your Moment! & Share Energy!!

-Antonio Lee

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