steve · @stevetigersix

27th Jan 2014 from TweetCaster

So this weekend I've totally become dissolutioned with regards to video gaming... Here's why, I normally defend gaming to a fault however it's becoming more and more apparent that titles are being released that don't quite work, cod ghosts, battlefield4, need for speed rivals, assassins creed 4 all have elements that are to put it bluntly broken. The creators of these games who let's be honest make millions off the backs of us gamers seem to be doing nothing to correct the issues effecting the game, do they even care...I'm beginning to doubt it... Gaming should be about having fun and having a game that works well doing this, it shouldn't be trying for hours to start a friends event racing or continually getting killed people running around with zero health or lagging so bad it looks like your game has fitting issues even though your running a high speed fibre line, this is why my love for gaming is beginning to die, this is why I'm asking you game producers and dev teams why in God's name can't you sort out a broken game that us the gamers have made you million earning companies over...well?

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