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13th Dec 2013 from twtkr

[TRANS - More Than Company's comments in Single Bells chocolate post] Yeah, it's really full-hearted. The handwriting was selected after he tried to write over and over again. It seemed that he elaborated on it so much because it's the message to his own fans. I guess the chocolate will be a nice gift for you guys. [...] I had heard that the gifts in celebration of the 10th anniversary of his debut would be only for 1,000 fans on a first come, first served basis. He really ordered the exact 1,000. [...] The handwriting is what Jaejoong himself sent to us through Cafe J Holic. Of course, also the photo of Hiro is what he sent.

(t/n: Sorry for the incoherent flow due to omission of advertising words for the company. LOL!)

Source: Read the comment section of the post^^ http://busination.blog.me/140202711548

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