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I found the first of (what seem to be) masonic codes in 2012, with the words 'Pan ELF' (among other things) in certain accounts on twitter. (When I first saw it, I thought this was some kind of mystical masonic name calling that I didn't care to understand)
1. Holmes: http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2012/07/26/several-links-between-batman-shooter-james-holmes-and-us-government-research-darpa-mind-control/ [working under DARPA with research into grapheme and symbol perception relative to time/spatial awareness (letters and the effect on awareness when under manipulation, and within certain virtual environments)]
2. Dorner: http://ktla.com/2013/02/12/read-christopher-dorners-so-called-manifesto/ [claimed 'they' "did stuff to his name" repeatedly in his manifesto]. 3. Alexis: http://pix11.com/2013/09/25/watch-it-chilling-surveillance-of-aaron-alexis-inside-navy-yard-facility/ [now infamous for the term "my 'ELF weapon'"]

(My Symptoms: You can feel (what feels like) the bio-electric (?) in your body vibrating. Starts/emanates from the head (subtle at first but eventually builds to levels of pain that i'd associate with being constantly electrecuted). At first I had weird earaches, then the glands under my jaw line swelled up for months. Then i couldn't sleep or eat for months, it was as tho my appetite had been "erased". During this time tests thru my regular G.P found my immune & oxygen levels to have dropped. At one point it felt like the inside of my brain was exploding, blood vessels, pineal gland, etc. There was a time around autumn/winter 2012 that i could "feel" shapes in my head. (like an electric triangle of neurons (?), first fixed (I could feel the 'points') and then moving in my skull (as tho it was spinning around)). It crossed my mind that something similar to infrared surveying equipment (or something similar, albeit more sinister (than infrared)) could cause this effect, or it maybe a programming (bio-electrical/psychological (?)) effect thru low frequency/silent sound and the use of subliminals (having a physiological effect (?)).
The vibrating spread to the rest of my body & got progressively worse over approx 9 months. I feel it mostly in my legs & head now, but not to that extreme (tho still very unpleasant). A lot of my general memory of what happened during that time is gone. (But i kept notes and evidence). The only consistent effect behaviourly was that I was getting very angry all the time for simple reasons, & found I couldn't really communicate my thoughts properly via normal conversation (which would lead to further anger), almost as tho in one respect I had no mental ability to act the way I wanted to because my head was full of this other stuff I'd been bombarded with that needed to come out --> It felt a little like being demonically possessed. Its easy to understand why people are just written off as insane, religious fanatics or terrorists in these situations. (This kind of ELF/Silent Sound encoding programming is acheived via also planting vids & other links (eg: into your YouTube or other searches) with added subliminals/coded messages/semantic variations/repeated psychic driving etc)

4. Then this - Miriam Carey's account... http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=20470498 [claims the president was sending messages into her head and that she was being electronically monitored in her home to have her life broadcast on tv]

(so imagine my surprise when) this happened... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrOYfbdOEbU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Girl called Sarah takes identity of girl called Elizabeth, teams up with cop detective Bell... http://metro.co.uk/2013/09/20/orphan-black-episode-1-send-in-the-clones-4060487/

(That's my name BTW (S.E.B))


Not only was I threatened in despicable ways (pertaining to physical and sexual torture) during the mental torture, "ELF" (which i believe to be silent sound/underlayed subliminals (and also the possible use of literal direct energy weapons)) my children were mentioned too, in ways i don't wish to describe or repeat here.

(I want to make clear for the public record... I don't want to have to out how masonic code works, as Im sure there are many good people within the groups, but none of them have cared to mention anything to me. There are paedos/terrorists (or government twats) with global internet access packing this info & using it in this way. And I have no idea who the fuck is who in all this, as most people within the Cyber Circle seem to pretend to be something they actually are not).

[Please Read --> #CyberCircle tl.gd/n0f183 <-- notes on first 7 subsets]

Dissociation, Shapeshifting + PsychologicalOperations:
One thing these pricks use to cause dissociation is race/religion. They'll pretend to be supremesists on either side that hate each other, but actually they work together. Its very clever way of trying to separate their connections, & mess with your mind. Like the good cop/bad cop thing. Then when you reach a nightmarish wonderland, you have a fictional reality/story in your mind based on a global supremesist fear paradigm. That information is what they take for the "shapeshifting". Literally they bombard you with nonsense then wait for you to make sense out of it and relay that information/story, then they kill that "dream" via playing it out. Most people that have been thru this kind of program have probably suicided themselves as a result of the trauma, or an effect of the programming (in the case of suicide bombers).
(A mild example; I was called a white bitch (& associated put downs), then when that didn't work i was called a "nigger" (Like... Wtf) because my ancestors were roma gypsies (thru Europe, Egypt and originally from India) = Confusing. Among that they talk of abusing/doing same treatment to my kids. Its a way of psychologically breaking down rational thought processes and causing cognitive dissonance, thru dissociation techniques and other subliminal means)

((My) Definition: "Shapeshifting" - (Not to be confused with green scaly monsters) To take an idea or accepted program by an individual, (or the masses - usually global or international) & change the essence of that program via psychological operations. Eg; 15 years ago the trade centre reminded you of expensive holidays to America & the glory of western architecture. Now (regardless of whodunnit) it reminds you that we must invade Muslim countries. Shape shifting is a fancy word for brain washing, probably stemming from the beliefs of ancient societies that understood extradimensional energies, and who used alchemical, symbolic and metaphorical imagery in which to explain their philosophies).

Torture program and its effects:
The effect this has had on my memory is rather bizarre in that I can't remember anything clearly/in order (thru 2012/2013) other than this experience. My short term memory was almost erased completely during the height of all this, but seems to be coming back slowly [at Dec 2013 I can confirm my short term memory capability is testing as much stronger, tho still considerably affected]. Around 25% of my general long term memories are gone, [I remember certain things on prompts, photographs etc, but with no full recall]. I also have constant 'headaches' (that have an 'electric' feeling in origin, as opposed to an 'ache').
At the worst time of these effects happening (around autumn/winter 2012) simple things like making a meal, helping children with homework, sorting thru clothes etc, were almost impossible (IE: remembering the process correctly/meal times etc). My appetite seemed to have been erased (I went from a UK size 14 to under a size 8 in around 6 months) & its almost as tho I've had to train myself to eat again (this along with the constant nausea that is a symptom of the electronic torture).
My body clock/sleep pattern was affected dramatically, I could go several days without sleep, and at times would fall asleep 'suddenly' (more so at the beginning of this 'program' - during 2012).
At the peak of the 'normal' thought pattern breakdown phase (from around September 2012) the only clear memories in my mind were of the "thing I needed to do" IE: to blow something up, kill people, kill myself etc.

#Exopsychology Forced #EXO events: tl.gd/n12ejl

RE; Electronic Surveillance - is a simple case of hacking communications + connections IE; key logging/lifting - phone call hacking - hacking of speakers/microphones on computers/phones - hacking of camera/web cam and lifting of photos/vids/personal info from internal memory - hacking of accounts for real time surveillance on internet use (vids/links/emails/calls etc) - hacking of private info within government systems EG; police and medical records.
(The use of silent sound and other programming techniques could be sent thru home/mobile communications on a permanent basis in this way).

Also see: tl.gd/n12el0

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