--> [#CyberCircle - #Torture #Harassment #Terrorists #Surveillance #Psyops - notes on the first 7 subsets in the #CyberCircle directly involved in my case]

#CyberCircle [subset 1] and [subset 2] tl.gd/n0ev9u

Also note: [subset 3] and [subset 4] tl.gd/n0evcp

#CyberCircle [subset 5] [subset 6] and [subset 7] tl.gd/n0eves

Due to the accounts of victims like Chris Dorner (who was trying to tell us in his manifesto "they" did something with his name - a possible reference to semantic and grapheme manipulation and individual targeting using personal details as described), Alex Alexis (who inscribed on his gun that it was his "ELF weapon" during his revenge/defense attack), and Miriam Carey (who claimed that her home had been hacked in order to have her life broadcast on TV, as she believed she was some kind of prophet, along with the belief that the President was "sending messages into her head"), I do not see these things, together with my experience and evidence, all happening within the same year, as coincidences. [And not forgetting (not involved in my case but I feel for research purposes its worth mentioning) the previous work of James Holmes, the "Batman" Shooter, who was looking into deeper research involving the neurological/cognitive perception of graphemes and temporal illusions, under the watch of DARPA. Then he went thoroughly mental and acted as tho he was in a virtual reality shoot-em-up in a movie theatre. I consider it a possibility that this was due to his experimenting with neurological time and spatial awareness perception in regards to grapheme/symbol manipulation].

As a whole this #CyberCircle and its related subset groups of psycho's may be part of an international/internet government psychological operation, or they may be some sort of wannabe cult or terrorist leaders who use the unclassified/researchable techniques of mind control and base their programming ideas on an old/already known psyop. However the use of open and indiscriminate mind control, torture, terrorism and illegal surveillance (by whoever the hell (any of them) really are) will not be fucking tolerated by me. :)

Feel free to offer advice/ask for more info. Updates on my TL will continue every few days. (began on October 15th 2013).

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