@Psalm99_RICH @censorednewsnow FYI To give you a rough idea: ELF (?) Symptoms: You can feel the bio electric in your body vibrating. Starts/emanates from the head. At first i just had weird earaches, then the glands under my jaw line swelled up for months. Then i couldn't sleep or eat for months... Like my appetite was "erased". During this time, tests from my gp revealed my immune levels and oxygen levels to have dropped. At one point it felt like the inside of my brain was exploding, blood vessels etc. There was a time around autumn winter 2012 that i could "feel" shapes in my head. (like an electric triangle of neurons moving in my skull) It crossed my mind that something similar to infrared surveying equipment (or something similar, albeit more sinister) could cause this effect, or it maybe just them programming that (bio-electrical/psychological ?) effect thru low frequency/silent sound.
The vibrating spread to the rest of my body & got progressively worse over approx 9 months. I feel it mostly in my legs & head now, but not to that extreme. A lot of my general memory of what happened during this time is gone... But i kept notes. The only consistent effect behaviourly was that i was getting really angry all the time for simple reasons, & found i couldn't really communicate my thoughts properly via normal conversation. Almost as tho in one respect i had no mental ability to act the way i wanted to because my head was full of this other stuff that needed to come out --> It felt a little like being demonically possessed. Its easy to understand why people are just written off as insane/religious fanatics/terrorists in these situations.

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