This will be the last tweet of Nikki Sexx, and the last moment that Nikki Sexx exists. This tweet is officially announced my retirement from porn. I want to thank each and every one of my fans and everyone who has supported me over these 5 and a half years. I also want to thank every talent and friend that I have ever worked with and director and company who gave me the opportunity to work with them and trusted me to deliver a great product. I have enjoyed every moment of my career and am very sad to be leaving it. I want to especially thank @shylove for giving me a chance to work with her agency when everyone else turned me away and said I could never make it, you seen something in me that no one else did. I also want to especially Thank two people. Firstly @justdavexxx, Thank you Dave for making every day on set a joy and knowing how to work with me and having the patience of an angel. You made me feel greater than I ever was. Secondly, @PornoDan. I love you Dan beyond words and I want to thank you for having patience with me and understanding who I am and how to get great work from me. You will always be my friend and anyone who could ever have a bad thing to say about the you couldn't be more wrong. Thank you to everyone at @ImmoralLive and @TravisVarjak especially. Thank you @iamivanxxx for being my first friend in porn and being a creative genius. You are a great filmmaker and I hope you thrive for years to come. In no way am I leaving porn because of any bad reasons. I don't have hiv (and I have a test dated from Saturday to prove it) I don't want condoms, and no one forced me out. There's been some recent changes in my life and it's time for me to move on. I had a great time in the adult industry and Thank you again to everyone. You all made Nikki Sexx who she was, and she will always be grateful. Goodbye. · Reply
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