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31st Jul 2013 from TweetCaster

My Answer To @DonLemonCNN on @11Alive This Morning: "Im Just Saying" Today I don't have enough time in this feature to say what needs to be said to my Good Friend @CNN's @DonLemon. As you know, Don has started a Fire Storm in the Black community agreeing with @BillOReilly in the problems in Black America. Don also made thing worse by adding his own "5 Things To Improve Black America": 1. STOP HAVING CHILDREN OUT OF WEDLOCK 2. FINISH HIGH SCHOOL 3. RESPECT WHERE YOU LIVE (Don't Litter) 4. STOP USING THE N WORD 5. PULL YOUR PANTS UP. Don, Although most black folks agree with those social issues. It was extremely irresponsible for a person of your influence to point fingers and criticize without also listing the "Systemic Racisms" of America that brought us to this point. YES, I heard your defense on the View. Saying thats just "Old Fasion Upbringing & Things Your Mom Said". BUT Don, your mother said those things with a LOVING & CARING SPIRIT. Not out of Cynical Disrespect like Bill ORielly. OH, And one last thing Buddy. I'm not giving you the "Uncle Tom Award". I'm giving you the "Iyanla Vanzant Award" because evidently you feel you've got the answers to "Fix Our Lives". I'm Frank Ski & "I'm Just Saying" PS I Still Love Ya Buddy

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