[TRANS] #5 SBS Power FM (Taemin WGM!) : Taemin left a voice message to fans "I really feel quite sorry for our fans. So please just treat it as if I am filming something; Just watch it for leisure. Onew says to to treat it as a sitcom~ Taemin agrees, it is like a sitcom.


src : human-lock


Talking about wgm, Taemin says he did not expect it will be so awkward when he watched it.. DJ asked him to leave a video message. Hyung teased and said it will be for Naeun of course.. Taemin laughed and did not say anything.. Onew probably saw his awkwardness, so he grabbed and shook his wrist. DJ then said not to pressurise (him) further, so just leave a message for SHINee World noonas~

【장기하의 대단한 RADIO】又說到我結了 泰民說他自己看也沒想到會如此尷尬..然後DJ又說來個視頻留言 泰民說跟誰?哥哥說當然是娜恩XI..然後他又在笑沒說了..之後基哥哥可能看他尷尬了就抓住他手腕搖了搖【是叫他說話嗎XD】之後DJ就說不要太負擔之類的那跟S.W姐姐們說話好了

src : 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪 eng trans : thpapergangster

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